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Each of us can face a problem that can be fixed only with the help of a professional plumber. You may have these problems at this moment, but you don’t know what plumber to choose. After surfing the Internet, you found different plumbers in your area. At the moment, you are on the info page of the following plumbing company – Eminence Water Works in Eminence, Kentucky. If you need to find more information about this company, please look through this page. It contains all contact information of Eminence Water Works in Eminence, Kentucky. You can find the company’s address, phone, map placement, its website or the website of its department in certain city. Also, here you may find the latest testimonials on this department, it’s average rating in Google Business and our Users’ rating. Also, if you don’t like or don’t want to contact Eminence Water Works to solve your plumbing problems, you may fill out a simple form on our website and get free qoutes from local companies. We work only with trusted plumbers, they’ve earned their reputation after years of great experience. Just enter your ZIP code and wait for a solution!

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Eminence Water Works in Eminence, KentuckyAddress:5115 Main St, Eminence, KY 40019, United States
Department's Webpage:
Working Hours:Sunday: Open 24 hours
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Latest Testimonials
Travis Jackson
Really disappointed in the eminence water works! We had left for vacation and anyone that has kids and works full time gets it's a crazy thing to get ready for. Yes, I forgot to pay my water bill for the first time in years! It was cut off for maybe 30 mins and my cousin called and told me. I immediately called and apologized and paid my water bill, but they needed 25 cash! Well that's pretty difficult to do when I'm out of state. So they agreed to turn it on and I would pay the cash when we got home. I get a call to remind me thankfully and the lady reminded me and said if I didn't come up it would just be added to my next bill. Therefore since it was due in like 12 days give or take I figured I would just it pay it when I paid the bill. After working all day and then rushing to two different soccer practices getting home around 8:30pm, I realize we have NO WATER!!! Now this is just four days after they turned it on when I paid 130 bucks! All over 25 bucks come on, I can see if I'm Constantly getting my water turned off justifying this situation! But for a once in a blue moon occurrence and over 25 that has to be CASH when you knew I had been out of town! When you called and spoke with me instead of saying it will be added to the next bill you should have told me you would cut it off!!! Very disappointed, it's time to get out of eminence!

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