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Plumbing services by Fox Plumbing Co in Wichita, Kansas

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About Fox Plumbing Co

Each of us can face a problem that can be fixed only with the help of a professional plumber. You may have these problems at this moment, but you don’t know what plumber to choose. After surfing the Internet, you found different plumbers in your area. At the moment, you are on the info page of the following plumbing company – Fox Plumbing Co in Wichita, Kansas. If you need to find more information about this company, please look through this page. It contains all contact information of Fox Plumbing Co in Wichita, Kansas. You can find the company’s address, phone, map placement, its website or the website of its department in certain city. Also, here you may find the latest testimonials on this department, it’s average rating in Google Business and our Users’ rating. Also, if you don’t like or don’t want to contact Fox Plumbing Co to solve your plumbing problems, you may fill out a simple form on our website and get free qoutes from local companies. We work only with trusted plumbers, they’ve earned their reputation after years of great experience. Just enter your ZIP code and wait for a solution!

Fox Plumbing Co Working Hours & Phone & Addresses

Fox Plumbing Co in Wichita, KansasAddress:200 N Handley St, Wichita, KS 67203, United States
Website:No website
Department's Webpage:No website for this department
Working Hours:Sunday: Closed
Monday: 9AM-5PM
Tuesday: 9AM-5PM
Wednesday: 9AM-5PM
Thursday: 9AM-5PM
Friday: 9AM-5PM
Saturday: Closed
Latest Testimonials
Corinne MacPartland
They replaced my plumbing in my kitchen and laundry area. They did a wonderful job. Considering that they are 99 commercial, I was very fortunate to catch them at a slow time to be able to do some residential work. I don't know what the other guy is talking about, I had very good, considerate service from the office.
Nick Blasco
My experience with this company has been HORRIBLE! It all starts with the customer service when you first call the company. The rude woman that answers the phone simply answers the phone by just saying "Hello". There is no " Thank you for calling Fox Plumbing", or " Fox Plumbing, How may I help you?" It's just "Hello". Your not sure whether you just dialed someone's personal phone or have the right number at all! Once you try and request service, she can't ever give you an estimate on when a service tech will be sent out, or even try and act like she gives a sh& about your issue is. In my experience, plumbing problems are never just small issues you can get around to solving leisurely, they are an emergency! It would be nice to have somebody at the very least give you an approximate day/time of when a service tech will be out! DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY ANY BUSINESS! THEY ARE INCOMPETENT, RUDE, AND SLOW!!

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